Since 2007 I have served as a moderator for two classes, each alternating every other year, at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institure at the University of Cincinnati. The first class titled "A Brief History of Art Making" is an overview of art history from the earliest cave paintings to the most contemporary art. The emphasis is on the physical and mental processes required to create artworks. The second class "Art of Our Time", is a survey of the art and artists of the late 1800's to the most contemporary art today. Each course consists of fourteen lectures and two class trips to museums and art galleries each year.

The teaching of these classes has had a profound impact on my art making calling into question everything I previously thought was important. The art I create today reflects this change in outlook. I found that my work must contain a dialog with the viewer that requires some prior knowledge. The titles are an important component to this understanding.

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